Graduate Courses

DEES courses aim to help students explore and learn about the way Earth works - in both Solid Earth/Terrestrial and Ocean/Atmosphere realms.

Courses are organized by those covering topics related to the ocean or atmosphere and those covering solid earth or terrestrial topics. Courses are then further divided by physics, chemistry, biology, and history. DEES also offers foundational courses, covering topics such as data analyses and communications.

Breadth Matrix
Foundational Courses


Clim Thermo/Energy Transfer
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Air-Sea Interaction
Dynamics of Climate
Atmospheric Dynamics
Intro to Atmospheric Science
Tropical Meteorology 
Physical Oceanography
Earth's Oceans & Atmosphere
Ocean Dispersion & Mixing
Tropical Oceanography
Ocean Dynamics 


Intro to Atmospheric Chemistry
Idealized Models of Climate Processes
Chemical Oceanography
Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Instrumentation in Atmosphere, Ocean, & Climate Science
Humans and the Carbon Cycle
Chemistry of Continental Waters


Biological Oceanography
Microbial Oceanography
Paleobiology & Earth Systems 


Wetlands & Climate 
Cenozoic Paleoceanography


Crustal Deformation
Earth's Deep Interior
Plate Tectonics
Intro to Seismology
Global Assmt-Remote Sens
Sea Level Change
Geophysical Inverse Theory
Advanced Seismology
Marine Seismology
Electromagnetic Geophysics


Intro to Mineralogy
Igneous Petrology
Isotope Geology I
Earth Resources & Sus Dev
Analytical Methods Geochem
Magmatism & Volcanism
Ig & Met Processes
Chemical Geology


Plant Ecophysiology
Earth Human Interactions
Vertebrate Paleobiology
Forest Ecology


Terrestrial Paleoclimate
Geologic Mapping
Sedimentary Geology
Field Geology

Communicating Earth & Env Sci
Research Computing in Earth Sci
Advanced Timeseries Analysis
Writing in Earth & Env Sci
Field Methods Environ Eng
Numer Methods for PDEs

For a list of DEES graduate courses and their descriptions, please see the Undergraduate and Graduate Courses (4000 level), the Graduate Courses (6000-8000 level), and the Graduate Seminars (9000 level) pages. 

The following courses are offered by other departments across the university. Students interested in enrolling in these courses should consult with their advisor.

FU/SEAS Department of Applied Physics and Applied Math
APMA E4101 Introduction to dynamical systems
APMA E4200 Partial differential equations
APMA E4204 Introduction to numerical methods
APMA E4300 Introduction to numerical methods
APPH E4200 Physics of fluids
APPH E4210 Geophysical fluid dynamics

FU/SEAS Department of Civil Engineering
CIEN E4163 Environmental engineering: wastewater
CIEN E4250 Waste contaminant design and practice
CIEN E4255 Flow in porous media
CIEE E3250 Hydrosystems engineering
CIEE E4252 Environmental engineering
CIEE E4257 Contaminant transport in subsurface systems

FU/SEAS Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering
EAEE E4001 Industrial ecology of earth resources
EAEE E4003 Introduction to aquatic chemistry
EAEE E4005 Near-surface engineering geophysics
EAEE E4006 Field methods for environmental engineering
EAEE E4007 Environmental geophysics field studies
EAEE E4009 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for resource, environment and infrastructure management
EAEE E4160 Solid and hazardous waste management
EAEE E4257 Environmental data analysis and modeling

Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology
EEEB G4100 Forest Ecology

FU/SEAS Materials Science / Engineering Mechanics
ENME E4113 Advanced mechanics of solids

SIPA International Affairs / Sustainable Development
INAF U4729 Alternative energy resouces
INAF U4733 Environmental policy practicum
INAF U4735 Environmental science for decision makers
SDEV U6240 Environmental science for sustainable development