Academic Affiliates

Our academic affiliates are involved in multiple aspects of our department, including courses, research, faculty, and student life. DEES has shared faculty with these departments, with some of their faculty also acting as approved dissertation sponsors for our graduate students. Our undergraduate students can also choose faculty in these departments to act as their senior thesis advisors. Our required undergraduate senior thesis course, Senior Seminar, is co-hosted with Barnard, E3B, and Sustainable Development. 

We work very closely with the Barnard College Environmental Science department, with many DEES students taking Barnard courses, and Barnard students taking DEES courses. There are events that are co-hosted by our two departments, usually aimed at our undergraduates. 

E3B (Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology) also shares faculty and students with DEES. We even offer two special concentrations that are unique to majors in DEES and E3B. 

Sustainable Development is closely linked to DEES with many students choosing to study in DEES and Sustainable Development simultaneously. 

APAM (Department of Applied Physics and Mathematics) and DEEE (Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering) share faculty with DEES, and our students tend to take courses within their departments, as their students do with ours. 

The Earth Institute offers a multitude of research opportunities for our students and also hosts our Climate and Society Master's program.