Undergraduate Resources

DEES offers a mentorship program that pairs our graduate students and undergraduate students together. This program aims to assist students academically, professionally, and personally. If a student is interested in getting matched with a graduate mentor, they can contact the UPM

For students seeking help finding internships/research opportunities, they can schedule appointments with the DUS or UPM. As a starting step, they can also browse the list of affiliated and non-affiliated institutes and organizations, and current opportunities.


If a student is struggling with any facet of their undergrad education or experience, there are a multitude of resources to available to them. Besides going to your personal academic adviser, students can also reach out to the DEES DUS or UPM and schedule appointments to meet with them in private. 

If a student needs academic assistance with a DEES course, they can go to their professor, their TA, or contact the UPM for further help. Professors and TA hours hold office hours for their courses and you can reach out to them to find when and where they are held. 

Columbia has specialized advising resources for non-academic topics such as career planning, preprofessional advice, and fellowship advising. 

DEES also hosts a range of events focused on helping students prepare for their careers after graduation. From resume workshops and alumni panels to grad student-led talks about graduate applications, students will find a variety of resources to help them plan for their life after college.