Undergraduate Program Overview

The undergraduate program in DEES provides an understanding of the natural functioning of our planet and considers the consequences of human interactions with it. Through Columbia College and the School of General Studies, the department offers undergraduate majors and concentrations in both Earth Science and Environmental Science, as well as a selection of elective courses that fulfill the College's science distribution requirement. Our department works closely with Barnard College's Environmental Science department, allowing students from both colleges to take classes and participate in activities hosted by either department. 

The breadth of material covered provides an excellent foundation for those planning to enter the professions of environmental consulting, earth science research, oceanography, resource and carbon management, law, business, environmental policy/advocacy journalism, data science/analysis, and more. At the same time, the program provides sufficient depth so that graduates will be prepared for graduate school in the earth and environmental sciences. The program can be adjusted to accommodate students with particular career goals in mind. 

Our department is close-knit, with students and professors alike coming together at seminars and weekly colloquium on our Lamont campus, as well as a host of undergraduate events on our Morningside campus. Our Earth and Environmental Science Club hosts monthly seminars and talks, as well as other varied events like movie nights. 

See Degree Requirements for more details about our majors and concentrations.