Walter C. Pitman III Award

Walter Pitman

Established in honor of Walter Pitman on his 80th birthday, October 21, 2011. In making this award, the department acknowledges the values Professor Pitman instilled in generations of students, emphasizing the importance of character, hard work, and collegiality. 

This award is granted annually to a graduating senior undergraduate student in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. The award acknowledges excellence in research and presentation as expressed by the senior thesis, and allows the recipient to attend an international scientific meeting and present his/her research results.

The awardee will be selected by the Senior Seminar Faculty and the Undergraduate Awards Committee at the end of each academic year, at the same time as departmental honors are being decided upon.

Allowable expenses covered by this award include abstract and conference registration fees, economy airfare, a hotel room for the duration of the conference, and maximum daily expenses not in excess of the governmental per diem rate. The maximum total reimbursement is not to exceed $2,000 and travel will have to be completed within one year of receiving the award.

The award recognizes Professor Pitman's exceptional mentorship and generosity by sponsoring future generations of Earth Scientists to see and participate in the larger scientific world.


  • 2022: Red Stein
  • 2021: Emily Carrero-Mustelier, Ally Peccia, & Gabriel Weinstein
  • 2020: Jacob Naimark
  • 2019: Jason Hagani and Kai Morsink
  • 2018: Margaret Zimmer & Stuart Faith
  • 2017: Channing Prend, John Wilding, & Tina Liu
  • 2016: Allison E. Hooks
  • 2015: Maya Becker
  • 2014: Alan Seltzer
  • 2013: Rachel Sheppard
  • 2012: Todd Nelson