Plans of Study for Majors

Plans of Study are developed to aid students in honing into particular branches of the earth and environmental sciences. Building expertise in a specific area can better prepare students for future careers or graduate school. The plans of study below were created based on the general interests of our students, as well as what courses are offered by our faculty. Students should discuss and develop individual plans of study with the Director of Undergraduate Studies or Undergraduate Program Manager. Students can pursue their own plan of study separate from the options below but should have it approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

Please keep in mind that these plans are suggestions to help students plan their course work, and are not requirements of the major. To find the required coursework to complete the majors, check the degree requirements. 

Note: BC stands for Barnard College. These courses are taught at Barnard College and can be counted towards the DEES degree requirements. 

Earth Science Major