John C. Mutter

John C. Mutter

Research Interest


I have appointments in DEES, the School of International and Public Affairs, and am a member of the faculty of the Earth Institute. At DEES I am a Marine Seismologist with a primary interest in mid-oceanic ridge systems. I co-teach EESC2330 — Science for Sustainable Development— with Ruth DeFries of EEEB, an undergraduate class of around 100 students. I teach a similar course to Ph.D. students in sustainable development and am DGS for that Ph.D. program. I co-teach SDEV3360/6260 — Disasters and Development to undergrads and Masters students. I have published The Disaster. Profiteers (2015). And Climate Change Science (2020)


B.Sc., Melbourne University

M.Sc., Sydney University

Ph.D., Columbia university