Ryan Abernathey Wins 2016 Sloan Research Fellowship

Ryan Abernathey receives a 2016 research fellowship from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. These fellowships honor early-career scientists whose achievements and potential identify them as the next generation of scientific leaders.

Barbel Honisch Wins Lenfest Distinguished Faculty Award From Columbia University

Congratulations to Barbel Honisch for winning the Lenfest Distinguished Faculty Award from Columbia University. Professor Barbel Honisch is the fifth Earth and Environmental Sciences professor to be honored with a this distiguished award....

Professor Joel E. Cohen & Professor Christopher Small Awarded Golden Goose Award

For their visionary interdisciplinary research on the altitudes where people live, and their work's wide-ranging impacts on society, Drs. Joel E. Cohen and Christopher Small have been selected as the third winners of the 2015 Golden Goose Award...

Harry Fielding Reid Medal Citation for Christopher Scholz

Congratulations to Chris Scholz, who has been named the recipient of the Seismological Society of America's (SSA) top honor.

Humankind has always been curious about its environment, but there is a new urgency to our department's mission to understand the planet Earth and to convey that understanding to our students.

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