NY-NJ Mineral Field Trip, August 2013

Trip participants at Barton Garnet Mine (Gore Mountain, NY)
Trip participants at Barton Garnet Mine (Gore Mountain, NY)

Trip Itinerary


Day 1 – August 2, 2013

  • Lester Park stromatolites
  • Herkimer Mine: mineral collecting
  • Glacial potholes on Moss Island


Day 2 – August 3, 2013

  • Barton Mine: mineral collecting
  • Notable outcrops and formations in the Adirondacks:
    • Piseco Lake Tectonite
    • Marble with amphibolite and charnockite boudins
    • Anorthosite and ferrogabbro
    • Graphite Schist
    • Pencil Quartz Gneiss
    • Potsdam Sandstone


Day 3 – August 4, 2013

  • Driving to NJ
  • Tour of the Sterling Hill Mine and Museum


Seminar Topics

A student-organized seminar met over the month of July, 2013 to provide the necessary background knowledge for locations visited during the field trip. Each student prepared a 30-40 minute presentation to the rest of the group on a chosen topic of interest:

  • New York State Geologic History
  • Adirondacks and the Grenville Orogeny
  • History of Mining in NY/NJ (with emphasis on the Barton and Franklin/Sterling Mines)
  • Stromatolites and fossils
  • Little Falls Dolostone (host rock for Herkimer quartz)
  • Introduction to Mineralogy
  • Herkimer Quartz - Fluid/Vug Crystallization
  • Origin of Gore Mountain Garnet
  • Mineralization and Geologic History of the Franklin Marble
  • Fluorescence in Minerals


Field guide

The filed guide, prepared following the trip, provides background information about geologic setting and mining history in New York/New Jersey area, and describes a number of interesting outcrops in the southern Adirondacks that recorded a billion-year geologic history of New York State.


Download the field guide here.

A detailed electronic map of the trip with indicated locations of all visited outcrops is available in the Google Earth format.