Life at Lamont


The academic and research activities of a majority of graduate students in the department are based at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, New York. The observatory is the only department research affiliate located outside of New York City, and the campus, its location, and its community of students and researchers offer numerous opportunities for recreation and socializing, as well as collaboration and learning. In addition to the listings below, students should visit the Campus Life pages of the observatory’s website for general information on life at Lamont.

Cycling to/from Lamont

Useful information about cycling to, from, and around Lamont can be found at L-DEO Bicycle Central.

Campus sports

The open spaces of the Lamont campus and the fields of nearby parks allow for a variety of lunch-time and afternoon/evening sports opportunities.

Soccer game on the "Monell field".

Soccer: Mon, Wed, Fri, 12:00-1:00pm.  Soccer games are held on either the Monell field (up to 11 players) or at Tallman Park (12+ players). Check the sign-up sheet for the latest info on player count (or to subscribe to the soccer list).

Volleyball: Tu, Th, 1:00pm.  Contact: Gilles Guerin.

Ultimate Frisbee:  Tu, Th, 1:00-2:00pm, Monell field.

Basketball: Mon, Wed, Fri, 1:30pm, behind the Geochemistry building.  Contact: Mark Anders.

Intramural Sports:  If you would like to organize a team, the Graduate Student Committee will pay the entry fee.  See the Columbia athletics website for more information on Intramural sports.  In the past, department graduate students have organized teams for both softball and soccer.​

Nearby Parks

Thirty percent of the land in Rockland County (the county in which Lamont is located) is designated parkland. Tallman Mountain State Park and the Palisades Interstate Park are within walking distance of the Observatory. Others are within biking distance or accessible by bus if you don’t have a vehicle.