Graduate Student Tea

Every Wednesday during the school year, the Graduate Student Committee sponsors a weekly afternoon tea at 4pm down at Sutton House. Take advantage of a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students and eat some delicious free food!

Think you can't afford to take time away from the lab or your studies?  Just remember that to get to know your fellow students, you really have to come to things like grad student tea and TG (beer hour after colloquium, short for TGIF).  Beyond making friends and creating a cohesive student body, tea is useful because older students, and even your peers, can be scientific resources, too.  Think of tea as networking, which is critical in a world where - as we all know - it's not just what you know, it's who you know.

So drop by for tea, treats and great company every Wednesday at 4pm!

Sign up to host a tea.

Each week a different student hosts tea.  To volunteer for a particular date, contact the GSC chairs,

Tea hosts get a $25 budget to buy snacks and goodies for fellow grad students (GSC provides the tea). Make sure to save your receipt. If you pay in cash you will get reimbursed more quickly than if you pay with a credit/debit card. Take your receipt to Yasmin Yabyabin in the department office (106 Geoscience) for directions on how to get reimbursed.

On your hosting day, show up 15-20 min before 4:00pm to set up and have enough time to heat the water. The hot water urn should be empty and clean. You should leave it that way when you are done also! Fill it about half to three quarters full and turn it on. Cutting boards, bowls, knives, etc... are provided if you need them.

Spare mugs are also available. Encourage people to use the mugs (as long as they wash them when done!) or bring their own instead of wasting paper cups.

When tea is over make sure to clean up the table and dishes and put everything away. There are often other people around to lend a hand.

If you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask! The GSC chairs can always be reached at