Chevron SIF Previously Funded Proposals

Previous Chevron SIF funded proposals.

Students are encouraged to review this sample of a previously funded proposal (pdf).

Summer 2016

Lost Cost Sensors to Record Shaking During Earthquakes - Yen Joe Tan

Spring 2016

Developing a High Throughput Assay for Rapid Mitochondria Quantification in leaves of A. thaliana - Elizabeth Min

Assessing the synergistic effects of ocean acidification and hypoxia on marine phytoplankton - Ali Bausch

Fall 2015

Assessing the Impacts of Hydrothermal Activity on B/Ca in Benthic Foraminifera - Laura Haynes and Kassandra Costa

The Forgotten Vizcaino Ophiolites: Serpentinization and Carbonation in Baja California - Juan Carlos de Obeso

LDEO Seismology Student Workshop - Zach Eilon

Spring 2015

To plume or not to plume: Finding the eruptive center of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province - a south Florida connection? - Sean Kinney

Australian dust in past climates: Where does it come from, where does it go? - Alejandra Borunda

Ancient DNA sequences and carbon dates from the extinct musk-ox Bootherium bombifrons reveal population dynamics and subtleties of climate history in Pleistocene Beringia - Abagael West

Fall 2014

Creation and calibration of a new mixed isotopic spike solution for the analysis of Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr, and Lu-Hf in terrestrial samples - Cathleen Doherty

Impact of sedimentation on the seismic character of subduction zones: Can carbonate content change the type of earthquakes we see?  - Hannah Rabinowitz

Community-based Pb in soil measurements to evaluate kit effectiveness and use strategies with the ultimate goal of reducing childhood Pb exposure -Franziska Landes

Spring 2014

Probing the detailed structure and velocity model of the Alaska subduction zone with state-of-the-art imaging technique - Jiyao Li

Geomorphic Origins of Heterogeneity in Dissolved Arsenic Concentration in Shallow Aquifer in Mekong Delta, Cambodia - Jing Sun

Fall 2013

Lamont-Doherty Eather Station and Air Quality Monitor - John Dwyer

Determining the impacts of changing salinity on the total mercury concentration in Fijian corals: A novel paleoceanographic proxy investigation - Logan Brenner

Solving a paleoceanographic mystery: the elucidation of biochemical pathways involved in alkenone production - Kyle Frischkorn

Spring 2013

The Influence of Atmospheric and Oceanic Forcings on the Southwest Monsoon over India: A paleoclimate perspective - Mukund Palat Rao

Automatic Surface Wave Phase Velocity Measuring System of USArray - Ge Jin

Calibrating Novel Corals, Isopora and Acropora, for Paleoclimate Analysis of the Great Barrier Reef - Logan Brenner

Graduate Student Field Trip to Oman Ophiolite - Amelia Paukert, Rafael Almeida, Cathleen Doherty, Shuoshuo Han, Natalia Zakharova, Claire Bendersky, Jake Eichenbaum-Pikser, and Milena Marjanovic

Temperature Tolerance of the Physiological Processes Controlling Carbon Gain in Northeastern Forests - Angelica Patterson

Spring 2012

Understanding Flow through Porous Media: Attending Gordon Research Seminar and Conference - Natalia Zakharova

Mapping of prehispanic and early colonial irrigation systems in the Urubamba valley - Stephen Berquist

Fall 2011

Presenting research at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2011 - Jennifer Levy

Illumination study from two azimuth seismic surveys at the East Pacific Rise (EPR) 9°N - Milena Marjanovic

Heavy Metal Concentrations in the Oyster Reefs of the Hudson-Raritan Estuary - Margaret Reitz

Spring 2011

Why does salinity influence the amount of boron in calcite? - Kat Allen

Inter-University Student Initiative in Carbon Sequestration (ISICS): developing CCS network in the US - Natalia Zakharova

Using low-temperature thermochronology to constrain fault geometry and slip rate on the Tule Springs detachment - John Templeton

Rhenium-Osmium isotope systematics of the lithospheric mantle beneath the Western Ross Sea Area, Antarctica - Cathleen Doherty

Fall 2010

The evolution of Triassic vertebrates and the ascent of dinosaurs: fieldwork in Poland - Steve Brusatte

Provenance of the Thumb Member Megabreccia deposits, Frenchman Mountain, Nevada - a thermochronologic approach - Rafael Almeida

Environmental controls on course aerosol concentrations and microbial content at the urban waterfront - Eli Dueker

Spring 2010

A colorful history—searching for the earliest color pattern in fossil lizards - Yi Hongyu

Assessing evidence for low-angle normal fault paradox: Implications for regional extension - John Templeton

Field work on eruption products in Costa Rica - Claire Bendersky

Fall 2009

Influence of Quercus on belowground community structure at Black Rock Forest - Jen Levy

Terrestrial vertebrates near the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary in Portugal: Excavation of new bonebeds - Steve Brusatte

Spring 2009

Soil respiration at Black Rock Forest - Jen Levy

Quantifying the impact of seasonal forecasts on disaster management strategies in Central and Western Africa - Meghan Daly

The effects of the El Niño Southern-Oscillation on Fiji: Using forecasts to help reduce impacts - Cynthia Thomson