Poster Sessions - Graduate Student Symposium

Poster Session 1: Ocean, Atmosphere and Biosphere
12:10 – 2:00 pm

Poster # Presenter Title
01 Usama Anber TBA
02 Chen Chen Predictability of ENSO diversity in a linear inverse model
03 Darren C. McKee Transport of warm Upper Circumpolar Deep Water onto the West Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf
04 Jesse Farmer Investigating the boron isotopic composition of deep-sea bamboo corals: seawater pH versus biomineralization
05 Anastasia Yanchilina Mediterranean-derived flooding of the Black Sea-lake: The story from the shelf
06 Nicole Abdul A High-Resolution Deglacial Sea-Level Record from Barbados’ Reef-Crest Coral Acropora palmata: 14.0 to 8.4 kyrBP
07 Leonard E. Henry Breaking Down U-series in Ocean Sediments
08 M. Rajib Hassan Mozumder Water Resources Management in the Maheshkhali, an Offshore Island of Bangladesh
09 Angelica Patterson Physiological response to temperature across nine tree species in a northeastern temperate forest
10 Jonathan Gale Eliminating Topographic Shadow from Moderate Resolution Satellite Imagery: A New Technique Using a DEM Correction in Spectral Mixing Space

Poster Session 2: Solid Earth
4:15 - 5:45 pm

Poster # Presenter Title
11 Cathleen Doherty Constraining the dynamic response of subcontinental lithospheric mantle to rifting using Re-Os model ages in the Western Ross Sea, Antarctica
12 Maxim Gavrilenko Identification of source lithology at south segment of Kamchatka subduction zone
13 Eleanor Ferguson The Dauki Thrust Fault and the Shillong Anticline: an incipient plate boundary in NE India?
14 Natalia Zakharova Mechanical Properties of Fractured Aquifers in the Northern Newark Basin: Implications for Carbon Sequestration
15 Taka Kanaya Effects of Pore Pressures on the Strength of Seismogenic Faults: Constraints from Laboratory Experiments
16 Heather Ford Localized shear in the deep mantle lithosphere beneath the San Andreas fault system
17 Erin Wirth Mantle wedge anisotropy in the Japan and Ryukyu subduction zones – Implications for mantle flow and wedge hydration
18 Colton Lynner Sub-Slab Shear Wave Splitting in the Pacific
19 Zach Eilon Anisotropy beneath a (seriously) strained continental rift
20 Ge Jin Imaging Crust and Mantle Structure beneath the D'Entrecasteaux Islands from Rayleigh Wave Tomography
21 Ayda Shokoohi Razi Crustal and Uppermost Mantle Structure Beneath Western Tibet from Seismic Tomography using Regional Earthquakes
22 Anna Foster Surface wave arrival angles in the western US
23 James Gibson Widespread Mega-Pockmarks Imaged Along the Western Edge of the Cocos Ridge
24 Tolulope Olugboji Mineral physics-based interpretation of the LAB: partial melting or sub-solidus processes?