Graduate Student Symposium

Graduate Student Symposium Poster

The graduate students of the Columbia University Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences are taking the torch from Princeton University and invite the submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations to the second all student-run Research Symposium in the Geosciences. The goal of this symposium is to advance student appreciation and understanding beyond their specific area of research by encouraging a more holistic view of the Geosciences through presentations from graduate students in any branch of Earth Science: atmospheric science, Earth history, geochemistry, geology, geophysics, oceanography, orography, paleoclimate, paleontology, and seismology.

The symposium also seeks to increase graduate student visibility within and of the local research community by inviting participation by students from Princeton University, Rutgers University, The University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, New York University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brown University, Stony Brook University, City College of New York, Queens College, Yale University, Boston College, Harvard University, and Boston University.

Registration is required of all attendees whether or not you plan on bringing a poster or oral presentation.​

Questions about the Symposium should be directed to Meg Reitz (

Important Dates

January 31st - Abstract Submission Deadline

February 8th - decisions of posters and oral presentations

February 13th - Registration deadline

March 1st - Graduate Student Symposium

March TBD - Seismology Student Workshop - a workshop focusing on specific technical details of different methodologies of seismic analysis and providing students a chance to discuss existing and newly developed methods for interrogating seismic data.


Poster Sessions

Conference Materials and Abstracts (pdf)

Traveling to the Symposium

Seismology Student Workshop