Recent Senior Thesis Projects

Year Author Title
2014 Moyo Ajayi
CO2 Exchange in Alaskan Arctic Shrubs 
  Sara Lavenhar
The Effect of Varied Fertilizer Treatments on the Abundance of Total and Nitrogen-cycling Bacteria in Urban Rooftop Farming Systems
  Emma Kahle
Reconstructing Plio-Pleistocene Paleovegetation in the Turkana Basin From Stable Isotopes in Biomarkers
  Frank Pavia
The Utility of Leaf Wax n-Alkanes for Reconstructing Past Changes in Dustiness
  Alan Seltzer Mean Surface Temperature of New Zealand During the Last Glacial Period: a Groundwater Noble Gas Paleotemperature Study
  Seung Hun Baek
Megadroughts as Past Analogues for the Current Drought in the Western US
  Jacob Sienko Influence of the Biological Pump on the Atmospheric CO2 Concentration during the Last Glacial Maximum
  Gwen Hicks
Beyond Yes or No: Quantifying Second-Hand Smoke Exposure Among Inner-City Children
  Autumn Bordner
Using CO Measurements to Predict Personal PM2.5 Exposure of Maternal-Infant Pairs in Rural Ghana
  Alexander Smyk
Implications of a Carbon Capture and Storage System Retrofit on the Dispatch Profile of a Coal-Fired Power Plant
  Daniel Girma
Contamination of the Bad River Watershed: The Risk of Open-Pit Iron Mining
  Nolan Kier
At Your Feet: Stormwater Capture in New York City Tree Pits
  Adam Koling
From Parks to Park Avenue The Microbial Composition of New York City's Green Infrastructure
  Reid Jenkins
Assessing Urban Microclimates to Improve Smart Building Performance in Manhattan Skyscrapers 
  Kendra Bullock
Assessing bacterial abundances in the water column near oil-impacted and non-oil-impacted areas in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
2013 Siobhan Campbell Distinguishing the Effects of Temperature and Melt on Seismic Wavespeeds in the Upper Mantle
  Alejandra Dominguez Observing Diagenesis on the Oregon Margin through a Paleomagnetic Lens
  Caitlin Dieck Illuminating Damage Zones with the November 2011 Oklahoma Earthquake Sequence
  Rachel Sheppard Rapid Heating Experiments Demonstrate the Usefulness of Organic Molecules as an Earthquake Thermometer
  Sebastian Vivancos δ13C of Bulk Organic Matter: A Record of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, Aeolian Input, and Organic Matter Diagenesis
  Sheila Heath Reconstruction of Environmental Change Using Macrofossil Analysis of Subarctic Peatland Cores Near Fairbanks, AK
  Mio Alt Late Glacial to Holocene Vegetation and Climate History of Southeastern New York State Recreated through Macrofossil Evidence
  Andrew Ramos Climatic Influence on the Athenian Empire from 490-406 BCE
  Adam Formica Canopy Optimization in Arctic Shrubs and Impacts on C Cycling
2012 Celia Eddy Surface Wave Amplitude Anomalies in the Western United States. Research Mentors: Göran Ekström.
  Candise Henry An Assessment of the Transuranic Releases from Fukushima Dai-ichi into the Marine Environment. Research Mentor: Timothy Kenna.
  Vasilis Hristidis Analyzing the Stock Price Impact of Corporate Sustainability. Research Mentor: Alexander McQuoid.
  Stephanie Jurburg (E3B special concentrator) Decomposition of a Bioplastic by Common Fungal Enzymes. Research Mentors: John Dighton.
  Eric Ndikumana Correlation Between Urinary Arsenic Reduction and Socioeconomics in Bangladesh Communities. Research Mentors: Joseph Graziano and Christine Marie George.
  Todd Nelson Establishing a Platinum Group Element (PGE) Method of Sediment Chronology to Trace New York Harbor's Industrial Past: 1910-1982. Research Mentors: Stephen Chillrud.
  Susan Phan Impact of Natural Oil Seeps on Phytoplankton in the Gulf of Mexico. Research Mentor: Ajit Subramaniam.
  Allie Schwartz Carbon Accumulation Rates in Alaskan Arctic and Sub-Arctic Peatlands. Research Mentor: Dorothy Peteet and Jonathan Nichols.
  David Solomon Refinement of a Support Vector Machine Regression Model for Forecasting Commercial Building Energy Loads: A Use-Phase Approach to Building Energy Efficiency. Research Mentors: Roger Anderson, Albert Boulanger and Leon Wu.
  Andrew Wessbecher Faulting of the Downgoing Oceanic Plate in the Alaska Subduction Zone. Research Mentor: Donna Shillington.
2011 Stephen Barten A Comparison of Phosphate Extractable Arsenic and Total Mobilizable Arsenic in the Sediments of Bangladesh. Research Mentors: Ivan Mihajlov, Martin Stute, LDEO. Thesis Advisor: Brian J. Mailloux, Barnard.
  Daniel Cohen Black Sea Low Stands During the Holocene and Pleistocene and Reconnection with the Global Ocean. Research Mentor: William B.F. Ryan, LDEO. Thesis Advisor: Mark Anders, LDEO.
  Victoria Diaz-Bonilla Seasonal Change in Arctic Vegetation Types and Associated Effects on Insect and Bird Communities. Research Mentor: Natalie Boelman, LDEO. Thesis Advisor: Matthew Palmer, E3B.
  Emily Hernandez Goldstein Depositional Environment and Detrital Zircon Dating of the Jardine Metasedimentary Sequence from South Snowy Mountains in Yellowstone National Park. Research Mentors: Nick Christie-Blick, LDEO; Dave Mogk, Montana State Universtiy; Darrell Henry, Louisiana State University. Thesis Advisor: Mark Anders, LDEO.
  Joel Gombiner Evidence for the Missoula Floods in Deep-Sea Sediments off Vancouver Island Using K/Ar Dates and Geochemistry. Research Mentors: Sidney Hemming, LDEO; Ingrid Hendy, University of Michigan. Thesis Advisor: Mark Anders, LDEO.
  Timothy Greene The Goropu Volcanic Center in eastern Papua New Guinea: New Evidence for Active Subduction at the Trobriand Trough? Research Mentors: Terry Plank, LDEO; Philipp Ruprecht, LDEO. Thesis Advisor: Spahr Webb, LDEO.
  Brendan Hannon Timing of the End of Appalachian Mountain Building in New York City: Ar-Ar Dating of Biotite and Hornblende from an Undeformed Dike in the Queens Water Tunnel. Research Mentor: Sidney Hemming, LDEO. Thesis Advisor: Martin Stute, LDEO.
  Edward Kalaidjian Salinity and Temperature Anomalies in the Subtropical North Atlantic. Research Mentor: Arnold Gordon, LDEO. Thesis Advisors: Brian Mailloux, Barnard; Spahr Webb, LDEO.
  Gelseigh Karl-Gannon The Effects of Hardwood Biochar on Growing Medium Quality, Lettuce Productivity and Carbon Sequestration: A Greenhouse Study at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. Research Mentors: Cynthia Rosenzweig, NASA/GISS; Angela Kong, NASA/GISS. Thesis Advisor: Martin Stute, LDEO.
  Daniel Myers Improved Separation of Fish Teeth and Debris for Neodymium Isotope Measurements in Marine Sedimentary Cores. Research Mentor: Sidney Hemming, LDEO. Thesis Advisor: Brian Mailloux, Barnard.
  Thien Khoi V. Nguyen Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotope Analysis in the Hudson River Marshes, NY: Implications for Human Impact and Ecosystem Change. Research Mentors: Dorothy Peteet, LDEO, NASA/GISS; Timothy Kenna, LDEO. Thesis Advisor: Spahr Webb, LDEO.
  Hannah Perls The Controls on As, Fe, and Al Retention in Contaminated Soils Treated with Oxalic Acid. Research Mentors: Steven Chillrud, LDEO; Brian Mailloux, Barnard. Thesis Advisor: Spahr Webb, LDEO.
  Peri Sasnett Surface Exposure Dating of Phreatic Eruptions at Ubehebe Crater, Death Valley, California. Research Mentors: Nicholas Chrisite-Blick, LDEO; Brent Goehring, Pennsylvania State University; Joerg Schaefer, LDEO. Thesis Advisor: Mark Anders, LDEO.
  Kathrin Sears Plant Macrofossil Evidence of Paleoclimate Events in No Bottom Pond, Nantucket. Research Mentor: Dorothy Peteet, LDEO. Thesis Advisor: Spahr Webb, LDEO.
  Orly Stampfer Effect of Climate Change on Natural Organic Matter Level in the Cannonsville and Pepacton Reservoirs, NY. Research Mentor: William Becker, SEAS. Thesis Advisor: Martin Stute, LDEO.
  Sriya Sundaresan Wetland Macrofossil and Geochemical Evidence for Environmental Change During the Late Holocene from Constitution Marsh, Cold Spring, NY. Research Mentors: Dorothy Peteet, LDEO, NASA/GISS; Timothy Kenna, LDEO. Thesis Advisor: Spahr Webb, LDEO.
  Laura Vogel The Effects of Global Warming on Seasonal-to-Interannual Precipitation Anomalies in Southwestern North America. Research Mentor: Richard Seager, LDEO. Thesis Advisor: Satyajit Bose, Earth Institute.
  Lisa Weber A Novel Technique: Using Scolecodont Compositions as a Tracer for Paleosalinity in the Hudson River. Research Mentor: Dallas Abbott, LDEO. Thesis Advisors: Mark Anders, LDEO.
2010 Drew Abeyta Analysis of climatological and hydrographical variables in the assessment of historical and future drought in Rockland County, N.Y.
  Cleo Chou Macrofossil evidence for middle to late Holocene vegetation shifts at Iona Island Marsh, Hudson Valley, N.Y..
  Susan Clark Hydrographic evidence for enhanced mixing in fracture zone canyons.
  Sara Goshorn The Gulf of Carpentaria impact: A possible cause for the 536 AD climate downturn.
  Darren McKee Climate forcing of interannual variability in Weddell Sea bottom water.
  Irena Ossola Modeling the effects of of precipitation on microbial activity in the active layer of permafrost.
  Maxine Paul Quantifying biome specific relationships of vegetation indices and monsoon event responses.
  David Roche Mitigating the urban heat island in a metropolitan area through public infrastructure reform.
  Laura Seidman Monitoring biomass in the Tanzanian Miombo Woodlands using satellite imagery.
2009 Yvonne Colebank Using surveys to identify misunderstood weather concepts and creating educational videos to effectively teach these concepts.
  Stephen Cox Double-dating of detrital apatites from Prydz Bay, East Antarctica.
  Yasemin Erboy Temporal variability of SF6 and SF5CF3 concentrations in the atmosphere.
  Elizabeth Logan Tracking mesoscale eddies in an ocean model.
  Mason McElroy Green energy potential of Coal River Mountain, West Virginia.
  Erin McMahon Mapping arsenic plumes and determining arsenic budgets: EPA Superfund Site, Vineland, N.J.
  Gary Mesko Origin of Texcal basalt lava flow in central Mexican volcano belt: Implications for arc magma formation.
  Priya Murthy Arctic haze: trends and spatial variability throughout Alaska.
  Ilana Somasunderam Early Miocene sedimentation and strontium isotope geochronology in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt.
  Alexandrina Tzanova Molybdenum and Cadmium measurements from laminated sediments from Soledad Basin, Baja, California: climate paleoproxies.