2012 Senior Thesis Projects

Celia Eddy, Mentor - Göran Ekström

Surface Wave Amplitude Anomalies in the Western United States

Candise Henry, Mentor - Timothy Kenna

An Assessment of the Transuranic Releases from Fukushima Dai-ichi into the Marine Environment

Vasilis Hristidis, Mentor - Alexander McQuoid

Analyzing the Stock Price Impact of Corporate Sustainability

Stephanie Jurburg, Mentor - John Dighton

Decomposition of a Bioplastic by Common Fungal Enzymes

Eric Ndikumana, Mentors - Joseph Graziano and Christine Marie George

Correlation between Urinary Arsenic Concentrations and Socio-Economics in Bangladeshi Communities

Todd Nelson, Mentor - Steven Chillrud

Establishing a Platinum Group Element (PGE) Method of Sediment Chronology While Tracing New York's Harbor's Industrial Past: 1910-1982

Susan Phan, Mentor - Ajit Subramaniam

Impact of Natural Oil Seeps on Phytoplankton in the Gulf of Mexico

Allie Madison Schwartz, Mentor - Dorothy Peteet

Holocene Carbon Accumulation in Alaskan Artic and Sub-artic Peatlands

David Solomon, Mentors - Roger Anderson, Albert Boulanger and Leon Wu

Refinement of a Support Vector Machine Regression Model for Forecasting Commercial Building Energy Loads: A Use-Phase Approach to Building Energy Efficiency

Andrew C. Wessbecher, Mentor - Donna Shillington

Faulting as a Proxy for Hydration and Seismic Activity Along the Aleutian Megathrust