Earth Science Concentration Requirements

The Concentration in Earth Science requires the completion of 25 credits distributed among three categories of requirements presented in sections I-III below. See the Columbia College Bulletin for course descriptions.

I. Foundational Courses in the department:

  • UN2200 Earth's Environmental Systems: Solid Earth (4.5 credits)
  • One additional foundation course:
    • UN2100 Earth's Environmental Systems: Climate (4.5 credits)
    • UN2300 Earth's Environmental Systems: Life (4.5 credits)

II. Supporting Math and Science Courses:

Two science or mathematics courses selected from among those listed under supporting math and science courses for the earth science major.

III. Depth, Breadth and Related Fields

Additional courses (typically three) in earth science and related fields, for a minimum of 10 credits. Two or three courses should be chosen from those described under depth courses for the earth science major, and should include either EESC UN3101 or EESC UN3201. The third course may be selected from those described under breadth and related fields for the earth science major.