Department Course List

The following is a comprehensive listing of undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences.

EESC UN1001 Dinosaurs and the History of Life: Lectures and Lab

EESC UN1003 Climate and Society: Case Studies

EESC UN1010 Geological Excursion To Death Valley, Ca

EESC UN1011 Earth: Origin, Evolution, Processes, Future

EESC UN1030 Oceanography

EESC UN1201 Environmental Risks and Disasters

EESC UN1401 Dinosaurs and the History of Life: Lectures

EESC UN1411 Earth: Origin, Evolution, Processes, Future: Lectures

EESC UN1600 Earth Resources and Sustainable Development

EESC UN2100 Earth's Environmental Systems: The Climate System

EESC UN2200 Earth's Environmental Systems: The Solid Earth System

EESC UN2300 Earth's Environmental Systems: The Life System

EESC UN2330 Science for Sustainable Development

EESC UN3000 Tutorial Study In Earth and Environmental Sciences

EESC UN3010 Field Geology

EESC UN3015 The Earth's Carbon Cycle

EESC UN3101 Design and Maintenance of a Habitable Planet

EESC UN3201 Solid Earth dynamics

EESC BC3800-BC3801 Senior Research Seminar

EESC UN3901 Environmental Science Senior Seminar

EESC GU4008 Introduction To Atmospheric Science

EESC GU4009 Chemical Geology​

EESC GU4020 Humans and the Carbon Cycle​

EESC GU4040 Climate Thermodynamics and Energy Transfer

EESC GU4050 Global Assessment and Monitoring Using Remote Sensing

EESC GU4085 Geodynamics

EESC GU4090 Introduction to Geochronology and Thermochronology

EESC GU4113 Introduction to Mineralogy

EESC GU4223 Sedimentary Geology

EESC GU4230 Crustal Deformation

EESC GU4300 The Earth's Deep Interior

EESC GU4330 Introduction to terrestrial paleoclimate

EESC GU4400 Dynamics of Climate Variability and Climate Change

EESC GU4401 Quantitative Models of Climate-Sensitive Natural and Human Systems

EESC GU4403 Managing and Adapting to Climate Change

EESC GU4404 Regional Climate and Climate Impacts

EESC GU4405 Summer Seminar in Climate and Society

EESC GU4407 Applications in Climate and Society

EESC GU4480 Paleobiology and Earth System History

EESC GU4550 Plant Ecophysiology

EESC GU4600 Earth resources and sustainable development

EESC GU4630 Air-Sea Interaction

EESC GU4701 Introduction To Igneous Petrology

EESC GU4835 Wetlands and Climate Change

EESC GU4885 The Chemistry of Continental Waters

EESC GU4887 Isotope Geology I

EESC GU4888 Isotope Geology II

EESC GU4917 Earth/Human Interactions

EESC GU4920 Paleoceanography

EESC GU4923 Biological Oceanography

EESC GU4924 Introduction To Atmospheric Chemistry

EESC GU4925 Principles of Physical Oceanography

EESC GU4926 Principles of Chemical Oceanography

EESC GU4929x Mixing and Dispersion in the Ocean

EESC GU4930y Earth's Oceans and Atmosphere

EESC GU4937 Cenozoic Paleoceanography

EESC GU4941 Principles of Geophysics

EESC GU4947 Plate Tectonics

EESC GU4949 Introduction to Seismology

EESC GR6001 Earth Science Colloquium

EESC GR6003 Masters Research​

EESC GR6010 Nonlinear Dynamics In Earth Sciences

EESC GR6111  Modern Analytical Methods in Geochemistry

EESC GR6201 Sedimentary Environments and Facies

EESC GR6221 Sedimentary Basins

EESC GR6300 Geophysical Inverse Theory

EESC GR6400  Communicating Earth and Environmental Science

EESC GR6700  Magmatism and Volcanism

EESC GR6810 The Carbon Cycle

EESC GR6908 Quantitative Methods of Data Analysis

EESC GR6909  Adv. Time Series Analysis

EESC GR6920 Dynamics of Climate

EESC GR6921 Atmospheric Dynamics

EESC GR6922 Atmospheric Radiation

EESC GR6923 Radiative Processes of Climate

EESC GR6927 Tropical Oceanography

EESC GR6928 Tropical Meteorology

EESC GR6929 Numerical Modeling of Geophysical Fluids

EESC GR6930 Ocean Dynamics

EESC GR6940 Marine Seismology​

EESC GR6949 Advanced Seismology

EESC GR8010 Field Geology

EESC GR8666 History of Amphibians and Reptiles

EESC GR8667 History of Mammals

EESC GR8884 Advanced Geochemistry

EESC GR9001 Research In Earth and Environmental Sciences

EESC S9070 Field Research

EESC GR9293 Seminar In Stratigraphy

EESC GR9295 Seminar In Sedimentology

EESC GR9450 Seminar In Structural Geology

EESC GR9455  Tectonophysics Seminar

EESC GR9500 Seminar In Plant Physiology and Ecology

EESC GR9668 Seminar In Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution

EESC GR9701 Advanced Petrology Seminar

EESC GR9802  Seminar In Geochemistry

EESC GR9810  Mathematical Earth Science Seminar

EESC GR9815  Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Seminar

EESC GR9910  Seminar In Atmospheric Science

EESC GR9928  Advanced Submarine Geology Seminar

EESC GR9931  Physical Oceanography Seminar

EESC GR9945  Seismology Seminar

EESC GR9947  Marine Geophysics Seminar