Courses of Related Interest

The following courses are offered by other departments of the university. Students interested in enrolling in these courses should consult with their advisor.

Barnard Department of Environmental Science

EESC BC3016 Environmental measures
EESC BC3017 Environmental data analysis
EESC BC3021 Forests and environmental change
EESC BC3025 Hydrology
EESC BC3026 Case studies:  land-use dynamics
EESC BC3200 Ecotoxicology
EESC BC3800-BC3801 Senior research seminar

FU/SEAS Department of Applied Physics and Applied Math

APMA E4101 Introduction to dynamical systems
APMA E4200 Partial differential equations
APMA E4204 Introduction to numerical methods
APMA E4300 Introduction to numerical methods
APPH E4200 Physics of fluids
APPH E4210 Geophysical fluid dynamics

FU/SEAS Department of Civil Engineering

CIEN E4163 Environmental engineering: wastewater
CIEN E4250 Waste contaminant design and practice
CIEN E4255 Flow in porous media
CIEE E3250 Hydrosystems engineering
CIEE E4252 Environmental engineering
CIEE E4257 Contaminant transport in subsurface systems

FU/SEAS Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering

EAEE E1100 A better planet by design
EAEE E4001 Industrial ecology of earth resources
EAEE E4003 Introduction to aquatic chemistry
EAEE E4005 Near-surface engineering geophysics
EAEE E4006 Field methods for environmental engineering
EAEE E4007 Environmental geophysics field studies
EAEE E4009 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for resource, environment and infrastructure management
EAEE E4160 Solid and hazardous waste management
EAEE E4257 Environmental data analysis and modeling

Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

EEEB G4100 Forest Ecology

FU/SEAS Materials Science / Engineering Mechanics

MSAE E1001 Materials for the 21st century: Technology and the environment
ENME E3161 Fluid mechanics
ENME E4113 Advanced mechanics of solids

SIPA International Affairs / Sustainable Development

INAF U4729 Alternative energy resouces
INAF U4733 Environmental policy practicum
INAF U4735 Environmental science for decision makers
SDEV U6240 Environmental science for sustainable development