Tuesday NOON BALLOON with Elizabeth Pierce


40Ar / 39Ar Dating of Ice-rafted Detritus Across East Antarctica

Elizabeth Pierce

Tuesday November 10th
Room 417 Schermerhorn Hall


Summary: 40Ar / 39Ar dating of ice-rafted detritus around East Antarctica.   In order to look at the sedimentary provenance of ice-rafted material, I am putting age constraints on material that is being shed from East Antarctica by dating minerals such as hornblende and biotite found in marine sediment cores. I can then apply this knowledge to down-core records to look at iceberg delivery to other locations.

Elizabeth Pierce

Elizabeth Pierce is a Ph.D. student in the department of Earth and environmental sciences, whose general fields of interest are sediment provenance and paleoclimate.  More specifically she is interested in applying isotope geochemistry to terrigenous sediments as a means to studying past climate change, espeically ice sheet dynamics. Her current research focuses on sedimentary provenance work around East Antarctica.  To study this she is using 40Ar/39Ar dating of detrital hornblendes, biotites and feldspars and Nd isotope analysis of terrigenous (ice rafted) material in sediment cores around the perimeter of East Antarctica between the Ross Sea and Prydz Bay. Identifying the characteristics of the sediment being shed from the continent around the perimeter allows for characterizations not only of the geology of East Anatarctica, which is mostly obscured by thick ice, but also for identifying shifts in the provenance of ice rafted detritus in down-core records.

Elizabeth received her B.A. in Geosciences from Williams College in 2007.  She serves as the co-chair of the Graduate Student Committee (GSC) and as departmental representative (and webmaster) for Women in Science at Columbia (WISC).

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