Tuesday Noon Balloon with Neil Pederson


Spidey Sense? Bah! Sensitive Trees and the Environmental Histories they Reveal

Neil Pederson

Tuesday January 25th
Room 417 Schermerhorn Hall


Summary: How unusual are the recent changes in the global environment? An answer to this question requires historical context for a better understanding of the natural variability of Earth processes. Scientists are increasingly turning to dendrochronology, or tree-ring analysis, to derive historical context for today's environmental change. During this talk I will reveal characteristics of old trees, the most important substrate for dendrochronology, and then discuss the varied studies by the Tree Ring Laboratory of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, from climate to ecology and geology, while highlight ongoing studies and findings.

Neil PedersonLamont Assistant Research Professor, Neil Pederson is also Doherty Associate Research Scientist in the Tree-Ring Laboratory at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University.  The subjects of Neil's research include trees, ecosystems, and old-growth forests, which he studies in the context of climate change, ecology, conservation biology, natural history, and forest management.  His main research goal is to gather information and knowledge that might inform ecologically-based, long-term management plans for these forests.

Neil received undergraduate degrees from SUNY Morrisville State College and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.  He completed a Masters at Auburn University School of Forestry before coming to Columbia's department of Earth and Environmental Sciences to complete his Ph.D. work in the Tree Ring Lab.  He has recently returned to Lamont after five years as Assistant Professor in the department of Biological Sciences at Eastern Kentucky University. Welcome back Neil !

Future talks are scheduled for Tuesdays from 12:15-1:00pm in Room 417 Schermerhorn Hall.  Attendees are welcome to bring their lunch.

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