Terry Plank Wins 2018 Wollaston Medal

Congratulations to Terry Plank

2018 Winner of the Wollaston Medal

The Wollaston Medal is the highest award of the Geological Society. This medal is given to geoscientists who have had a significant influence by means of a substantial body of excellent research in either or both 'pure' and 'applied' aspects of the science.

It was established by William Hyde Wollaston (1766 - 1828), an eminent figure in British science credited with discoveries across the natural sciences, to promote researches concerning the mineral structure of the Earth or of the science of Geology in general.

The first recipient of the Wollaston Medal was William Smith in 1831. Subsequent awardees include Louis Agassiz (1836), Charles Darwin (1859), Charles Lyell (1866), Victor Goldschmidt (1944), our own Maureen Raymo (2014), and Richard Alley (2017).