Department and LDEO honor Walter Pitman on his 80th Birthday!

Walter C. Pitman IIIIn honor of Adjunct Professor Walter Pitman's 80th birthday on Friday October 21st, the department of Earth & Environmental Sciences and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory recognized his dedication and service to undergraduate education with the establishment of The Walter C. Pitman III Award.  In a room full of colleagues on hand to celebrate, department Chair Peter deMenocal presented Walter with a framed certificate commemorating the establishment of the award which will enable one department undergraduate major annually to attend a major earth science conference.  Until recently, Walter was still teaching undergraduates both in department courses, and in the university's Frontiers of Science core class.  He continues to serve as Advisor of Undergraduate Studies to majors and concentrators in the department of Earth & Environemental Sciences, and is a popular speaker in the Intern Lecture Series every summer at Lamont.



In recognition of your dedication and service to the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University, we establish an award in your honor

The Walter C. Pitman III Award

To be awarded annually to a Columbia University undergraduate major in our department to attend the American Geophysical Union meeting, or similar large international conference, all expenses paid.  In making this award, we acknowledge the values you've instilled in generations of students, emphasizing the importance of character, hard work, and collegiality.

The award recognizes your exceptional mentorship and generosity by sponsoring future generations of Earth Scientists to see and participate in the larger scientific world.



Video of Walter Pitman's July 19, 2011 summer intern lecture: Continental drift morphed into Plate Tectonics.