Winners of the Annual Sara Langer Book Prize

The three most recent winners of the prestigious Sara Fitzgerald Langer Book Prize are Laura Haynes, Daniel Rasmussen, and Lorelei Curtin. This award is an acknowledgment by their peers for outstanding contributions to graduate student life in the department and at Lamont.

The Sara Fitzgerald Langer Book Prize is an award set up by the Langer family in memory of their daughter. Each fall the award is presented by the Graduate Student Committee (GSC) to a pre-orals graduate student who has contributed to both academic and student life at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Nominations are solicited from all members of the Lamont Community; however, only graduate students may participate in the election. The prize consists of a book, chosen by the elected student, that is a classic in his or her field. The Langer family is informed of the winner of each award by a separate letter from the GSC. This letter includes a short biographical sketch of the winner and the student's research interests.

Congratulation Laura, Daniel, and Lorelei!

The complete list of Langer Prize awardees is available on the graduate awards and prizes page.