The Long Life of Death Valley

This past spring, DEES Professor Nick Christie-Blick led his tenth undergraduate field trip to California’s Death Valley National Park. This educational and awe-inspiring field trip (held during spring break) is for first-year and sophomore students; focusing on the geology of Death Valley and adjacent areas in the eastern California desert. It's a chance to see geology in action, and to look back more than 1 billion years through geological time, in an area of outstanding vistas and natural beauty. The terrain is spectacular, with more than 11,000 feet of topographic relief due to the uplift of mountain blocks with respect to structural valleys along faults, a process that started some 40 million years ago as a result of stretching and thinning of the crust in this region, and continues today.

This year Nick and his students were accompanied by The Earth Institute's own Kim Martineau who immortalized this inspiring excursion with a beautifully written blog piece and wonderfully captivating video.......


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