2016 Senior Thesis Poster Session

The senior thesis is a requirement for all majors in the department and progress on the thesis is facilitated by enrollment in Environmental Science Senior Seminar during the Spring term of the senior year. Events such as these that effectively highlight student research are an integral and important part of Columbia's educational programs. Students can not only showcase their projects, which often take over a year of intensive work to complete, they also have the important opportunity to build on the professional skill of presenting and advocating for their work to a new audience.

Majors from Barnard’s Environmental Science Department, the Columbia College Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B), and Sustainable Development all participate in the poster session alongside our majors. Accordingly, the breadth of topics is very impressive.

DEES Senior Thesis Topics
Goldschmitz, Chason: Reutilization of Microsediment Samples for Multiple Spectrometer Analyses

Case, Parker:     Water Vapor in Large Volcanic Eruptions

Wiles, Zachary: Magma Characteristics of the 1964 and 1991 Eruptions of Westdahl Volcano, Alaska

Cohen, Hannah Jane: Mapping the Surface Morphology of Iceland’s Holuhraun Lava Flow Using Structure From Motion Software and PLY/DEM/Orthomosaic Models

Park, Jiwoon: Dust Flux in the Subantarctic South Pacific during the Last Ice Age

Swann, Jason: Has atmospheric CO2 decreased over the last eleven million years?

Salazar E., Andrés: Spatial Distributions of Trichodesmium Clades in the South Pacific Ocean

Gonzalez, Ana Camila: The Role of Organic Phosphorus in Microbial Phosphorus Cycling

Hooks, Allison: Sea-Level Rise Impacts on Hudson River Marshes

Jaycox, Adrian: Temperature and Precipitation's Impact on California Water Resources and Drought

Todorovic, Miljan Nikola : El Niño, Groundwater and Agriculture in California 1950 – 2015

Abdel-Qader, Faisal: Assessing the Role of Camel Trade in the Ecological Transmission of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)

Seto, Melissa: Mortality due to High Ozone, PM2.5, and Temperature Levels During the Summer 2012 Heat Wave Across the Eastern U.S.

Kim, Joohee: Reconstruction of the North Atlantic end-member of the thermohaline circulation across the mid-Pleistocene Transition