2015 Senior Thesis Poster Session

The senior thesis is a requirement for all majors in the department and progress on the thesis is facilitated by enrollment in Environmental Science Senior Seminar during the Spring term of the senior year. Events such as these that effectively highlight student research are an integral and important part of Columbia's educational programs. Students can not only showcase their projects, which often take over a year of intensive work to complete, they also have the important opportunity to build on the professional skill of presenting and advocating for their work to a new audience.

Majors from Barnard’s Environmental Science Department, the Columbia College Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B), and Sustainable Development all participate in the poster session alongside our majors. Accordingly, the breadth of topics is very impressive.

DEES Senior Thesis Topics
de Oliveira Lobo, Ana Helena: Study of Variability within and among Global Climate Models
Luis, Kelly: Calcium Carbonate Burial in the North Pacific
Whitlock, Griffin: Investigating the Onset of Cooler Global Upwelling 2 Million Years Ago
Becker, Maya: Tracing West Antarctic Iceberg Origins through Scour Depth Analyses
Ramirez, Rose: The Formation of Continental Crust in the Central Mexican Volcanic Belt
Nielson, Michael A: Micro-Structural Characterization of Ice Crystal Evolution During Thermal Stress Experiments
Nothaft, Daniel B: Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in the Staten Island Serpentinite
Guo, Jean: Seasonal and Regional Variability in the Relationship between Ground-Level Ozone (O3) and Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in the United States
Issakyzy, Zhibek: Assessment of Historical Anthropogenic Sulfur Dioxide(SO2) Emissions for Cleaner Air in Central Asia
Cho, EunSik: Validation and Establishment of Correlations between Minute Ventilation Measurements and Cardiovascular Health Indicators in NYC Bicyclists