William D'Andrea

Lamont Associate Research Professor
William D'Andrea
Lamont Associate Research Professor
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Biology and Paleo Environment
105D Geoscience
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Research Statement: 

My research is geared toward understanding global climate change, including current anthropogenic driven changes and past changes to the Earth System.  I investigate the natural modes and underlying forcing mechanisms of past climate variability, with the goal of developing a better understanding of how the Earth System responds to natural and human-induced perturbations.

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Brown University
Brown University
Binghamton University

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Thesis committee member of Laura B. Levy (Dartmouth College)
Thesis committee member of David Vaillencourt (Northern Arizona University)
Selected Publications:
Biogeochemical evidence for hydrologic changes during the Holocene in a lake record from southeast Greenland, Balascio, N.L.; D'Andrea, W.J.; Bradley, R.S.; Perren, B.B. The Holocene, Volume: 23 p.: 1428-1439 (2013) 10.1177/0959683613493938
The influence of 14C reservoir age on interpretation of paleolimnological records from the Tibetan Plateau, Hou, J; D'Andrea, W.J.; Liu, Z. Quaternary Science Reviews 07/2012, Volume: 48 p.: 13 (2012)
Proxy-to-proxy calibration: Increasing the temporal resolution of quantitative climate reconstructions, von Gunten, L; D'Andrea, W.J.; Bradley, R.S.; Huang, Y. Scientific Reports 08/2012, Volume: 2, Issue: 609 p.: 6 (2012) 10.1038/srep00609
Mild Little Ice Age and unprecedented recent warmth in an 1800 year lake sediment record from Svalbard, D'Andrea, W.J.; Vaillencourt, D.A.; Balascio, N.L.; Werner, A.; Roof, S.R.; Retelle, M.; Bradley, R.S. Geology, Volume: 40, Issue: 11 p.: 1007-1010 (2012) 10.1130/G33365.1
Abrupt Holocene climate change as an important factor for human migration in West Greenland, D'Andrea, William J.; Huang, Yongsong; Fritz, Sherilyn C.; Anderson, N. John PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA JUN 14, Volume: 108 p.: 9765–9769 (2011)
Phylogenetic diversity and evolutionary relatedness of alkenone-producing haptophyte algae in lakes: Implications for continental paleotemperature reconstructions, Theroux, Susanna; D'Andrea, William J.; Toney, Jaime; Amaral-Zettler, Linda; Huang, Yongsong EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS DEC 1, Volume: 300 p.: 311–320 (2010)
Holocene carbon burial by lakes in SW Greenland, Anderson, N. J.; D'Andrea, W.; Fritz, S. C. GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY NOV, Volume: 15 p.: 2590–2598 (2009)
Can sedimentary leaf waxes record D/H ratios of continental precipitation?: Field, model, and experimental assessments, Hou, Juzhi; D'Andrea, William J.; Huang, Yongsong GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA JUL 15, Volume: 72 p.: 3503–3517 (2008)
Evidence for water use efficiency as an important factor in determining the delta D values of tree leaf waxes, Hou, Juzhi; D'Andrea, William J.; MacDonald, Dana; Huang, Yongsong ORGANIC GEOCHEMISTRY, Volume: 38 p.: 1251–1255 (2007)
Hydrogen isotopic variability in leaf waxes among terrestrial and aquatic plants around Blood Pond, Massachusetts (USA), Hou, Juzhi; D'Andrea, William J.; MacDonald, Dana; Huang, Yongsong ORGANIC GEOCHEMISTRY, Volume: 38 p.: 977–984 (2007)
An efficient method for isolating individual long-chain alkenones for compound-specific hydrogen isotope analysis, D'Andrea, William J.; Liu, Zhonghui; Alexandre, Marcelo Da Rosa; Wattley, Sarah; Herbert, Timothy D.; Huang, Yongsong ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY MAY 1, Volume: 79 p.: 3430–3435 (2007)
Alkenone producers inferred from well-preserved 18S rDNA in Greenland lake sediments, D'Andrea, William J.; Lage, Melissa; Martiny, Jennifer B. H.; Laatsch, Abby D.; Amaral-Zettler, Linda A.; Sogin, Mitchell L.; Huang, Yongsong JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-BIOGEOSCIENCES SEP 19, Volume: 111 p.: G03013 (2006)
Long chain alkenones in Greenland lake sediments: Low delta C-13 values and exceptional abundance, D'Andrea, W. J.; Huang, Y. ORGANIC GEOCHEMISTRY, Volume: 36 p.: 1234–1241 (2005)