Senior Thesis Poster Session

Department seniors presented their senior theses at the Sixth Annual Senior Thesis Poster Session this past April. Each gave a one-minute introduction to their topic, followed by a reception and poster presentation period.

The senior thesis is a requirement for all majors in the department and progress on the thesis is facilitated by enrollment in Environmental Science Senior Seminar during Spring of the senior year.

Professor Martin Stute and student Gary ? at poster session.

Majors from Barnard’s Environmental Science Department, the Columbia College Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B), and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering & Applied Science all participate in the poster session alongside our majors. Accordingly, the breadth of topics is impressive, ranging from carbon sequestration, arctic haze, and the role of indigenous knowledge in managing fish resources, to Amazon River turtles, and the identification of inefficiencies in Barnard’s toilet system.

Read more about this annual event the Earth Institute's web site.