Web Poster Project - Spring 2007

Updated February 25, 2007

Online web poster addressing a theme or topic related to Ocean Sedimentation or Stratigraphy

Important Deadlines:

Web Poster implementation plans due: Thursday, Feb. 8, 2007

Web Poster front page and content overview due: March 22, 2007

Final web poster project due: April 23, 2007

Note: You should self-select your Web Poster team (2-3 people maximum) and ponder project ideas by Late January. If no one in your group has any familiarity with html (hypertext markup language) or web publishing software, at least one member of the group will need to attend a 2-hour AcIS course on web publishing available at Columbia. The classes have limited enrollment - SO REGISTER EARLY!!!. You can register for this 2-hour class here.


The poster project is designed to get you to think intensively about a particular aspect of ocean sedimentation, geochemistry, stratigraphy that we discuss in this course. By completing this project you will have learned how to research a scientific problem, how to present it in a scientific context, and you will also discover something new for yourselves about your particular research question.

Select a topic that interests you most and something that is reasonable in scope. We can easily help you to find good topics that are managable - a common problem is that students sometimes select ideas that are far too comprehensive and difficult for a term project.

1) Poster Implementation Plan:

A 1-2 page Implementation Plan presents an overview of the proposed Web Poster topic. The Implementation plan should present a summary of the research question you wish to address, overview of the problem, what's interesting about it, what new areas of the topic you hope to explore, and a list of 4-7 references that you have found to be useful.

2) Web poster front page and content overview:

For this deadline, each team must submit a draft version of their web poster front page (as a URL link) and a 2-3 page document of the major themes/content of the poster web page. The reason for this intermediate deadline is to follow your progress with the web page content and its design/construction. The content overview text should address the following topics: 1) One paragraph statement of the research problem, 2) Brief synopsis of each "linked" section of your web page including the theme/idea, probable content and relevance, references and relation to the scope of the overall theme; 3) Team member responsibilities and assignments for the final submission.

3) Submission of the completed web poster project: Ten-minute student poster presentations will be on the last day of class

You should be making regular progress on the project throughout the second half of the course. Each of you probably has experienced the heartbreak of procrastination - don't let this happen to you here! The project represents alot of work and a correspondingly high proportion of your final grade, so be sure to give it the time and committment that it needs. I will be very firm about the submission deadline so plan ahead.

The web poster format, content, and referencing styles are summarized below - a hand out will be distributed in class which outlines the format, presentation, citation, and content requirements of the posters, as well as the grading policy. One goal of this project is to have you become familiar with how scientific data and results are presented professionally. The physical format of the poster paper will be similar to that used in scientific meetings: each poster paper will need an introduction, statement of objectives, methodology, results and conclusions. Thorough and proper citation of all sources (graphical and intellectual) is mandatory. 

Each group will have ten minutes to present their web poster in the last day of class. Mountains of pizza and drinks will be supplied!

Updated February 25, 2007