V1003: Climate & Society: Case Studies

This course investigates the complex - and increasingly relevant - interactions between climate science and policy.

We consdider three case studies (ozone depletion, El Niño, and global warming) that provide instructive examples of how science informs and constrains policy.

The scientific foundations of each environmental case study are addressed, followed by analysis of environmental policies developed to mitigate risk.


Professor: Peter deMenocal (DEES)

Course format: Bi-weekly lectures with interactive group discussions . There will be three exams, one after each module, and six homoework assignments.

Monday and Wednesday • 1010-1125 am • 603 Schermerhorn

Course credit: 3 points (qualifies for science requirement). Register for this course

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TA Location - 552 Schermerhorn (DEES student lounge, 5th floor Schermerhorn extension)

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Updated: August 25, 2014

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