Week Begins Homework
and Reading
Monday Lecture Monday Lab Wednesday Lecture Instructor
1 1/21       Introduction Hemming
2 1/28 Chapter 2: Journey to the Center of the Earth (p. 36-55) Continents and Oceans Physiography of the Earth The Earth
3 2/4

Homework 1 due 2/11.

Chapter 5: Patterns in Nature: Minerals (p. 120-143), Interlude B Rock Groups (p 144-151), Interlude C The Rock Cycle (p. 257-263)

Introduction to Minerals and Rocks Examining Rocks and Minerals Rocks and the Rock Cycle
4 2/11

Homework 2 due 2/20.

Chapter 7: A surface veneer: sediments, soils and sedimentary rocks (p. 183-227), Interlude F (p. 544-556).

River Discharge Patterns Examining Rocks and Minerals (cont.) River Discharge Patterns (cont.)
5 2/18 Chapter 16 Unsafe ground: landslides and other mass movements (p.557-581), Chapter 17 Streams and floods: the geology of running water (p. 582-619) Weathering and Erosion (I) Mapping Drainage Networks and Watersheds Weathering and Erosion (I) (cont.)
6 2/25 Chapter 18 Restless realm: oceans and coasts (p. 620-659 Sedimentary Environments Sedimentary Rocks: Depositional Environments and Structures Weathering and Erosion (II)
7 3/3 Chapter 19 A hidden reserve: groundwater (p. 660-691), Chapter 23 Global change in the Earth system (p. 801-832) Earth Science and Society Groundwater Pollution Site Assessment Midterm Prep (pdf)
8 3/10   Review for Midterm No Lab (review) Midterm
10 3/24 Chart of Nuclides; Chapter 12 "Deep Time, How Old is Old?", pp. 415-447. Radioactive Decay and Geochronology (I) Geological Timescale; Relative Ages. Geochronology (II) and Geological Time Goldstein
11 3/31 Ch.1, Cosmology and the Birth of the Earth, p. 14-35; Ch. 2.5-2.8, Earth Composition and Structure,p. 41-54.; Ch. 6. Igneous Rocks, p.152-182.; Ch. 13. Biography of the Earth, p. 448-483. Earth Evolution (I)

Morningside Park.

Field Trip Prep.

Earth Evolution (I)
12 4/7

Sunday April 6 - Fieldtrip (rain or shine).

Part IV History before history

Field Trip Wrap-up Tectonic Plates Plate Tectonics (I)
13 4/14 Part III Tectonic activity of a dynamic planet Plate Tectonics (II) More Fun with Tectonics Plates Plate Tectonics (III)
14 4/21 Part III Tectonic activity of a dynamic planet Heat Production Today and in the Early Earth Central Park Trip Earth Resources: Fossil Fuels
15 4/28 Part V Earth Resources   Geology of and Oil Field  
16 5/5   Review Session    
17 5/12       FINAL EXAM  

Grading Policy

Grades will be based on the following:

Because of the special nature of homework in this course, it must be handed in on time. Hence, late homework (without a valid excuse) will be marked down one grade.

Students must also attend the required fieldtrip, or turn in an acceptable research paper (entitled "The Geological History of the New York City region") prior to the mid-term exam.

Required Texts

Reading assignments must be completed prior to the Monday lecture.

Earth: Portrait of a Planet, 3rd ed. Steven Marshak, W.W. Norton, 2007. (ISBN-10: 039393036X, ISBN-13: 978-0393930368)

If there are no copies available at Labrinth. Please try,,, or

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