Theresa Sawi

Theresa Sawi

Research Interest


I am currently a fourth-year Ph.D. student working with Meredith Nettles and Ben Holtzman on machine-learning applications in seismology. Before I studied seismology, I was a musician and music teacher in Bay Area, California. I discovered my love of physics through podcasts and blogs, and in 2018 graduated with highest honors from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in geophysics.

I take great joy in discovering interesting or unexpected trends in big data sets, particularly in seismological time-series data where there exists such a wide variety of important signals. I was awarded the NSF Graduate Researcher Fellowship in 2020 to pursue an unsupervised-machine-learning approach to understanding summer seismicity at Gorner Glacier in the Swiss Alps, as well as in other geologic settings where fluids play an important role in mediating seismicity (e.g., volcanoes, fluid-injection wells, ice sheets, etc.). I also enjoy doing outreach to teach local youth and others about earthquake risks, and demonstrating some of the fascinating connections between science, music and nature. In my free time I hike around nature with my dog Wavy, and strum the guitar.

Seismic Sound Lab; AVERT: Anticipating Volcanic Eruptions in Real-Time


2018: University of California, Berkeley; BA Geophysics