Michael R. Sandstrom

Michael R. Sandstrom

Research Interest


I'm an earth science graduate student focusing on Paleoclimate and Geochemistry as they relate to sea level and ice volume changes.

My research goes back millions of years, reconstructing sea level highstands during particularly warm periods in the Pliocene and Pleistocene. With field sites including Western Australia, Argentina, Barbados, and South Africa, my work focuses on mapping and dating these terraces using Sr isotope stratigraphy and U/Th radiometric techniques. I’m particularly interested in reconstructing sea level during the Mid-Pliocene warm period (~3 million years ago) and MIS 31, at the Mid-Pleistocene transition period (~1 million years ago), periods of significant ice melt and high sea levels.

Current research also includes dating and reconstructing global sea level during the last interglacial (~125 thousand years ago) through sites in Western Australia and the Bahamas.

Research Advisor: Maureen RaymoSteve Goldstein
Lab: Comer PicoTrace clean lab


B.A. Earth Science, 2012: Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY