Julian J. Spergel

Julian J. Spergel

Research Interest


I would describe myself as a satellite imagery maven. I apply novel remote sensing techniques, often involving synergizing multiple sources of data, to climate-related questions. I currently work in Antarctic surface hydrology, and use physics-based computer modelling and Big Data science to understand the polar regions. I also dabble in machine learning. I began my graduate program in Columbia's Earth and Environmental Sciences in fall of 2016. Since then, I have had the opportunity to travel to McMurdo Station, Antarctica in 2017 for ROSETTA-ICE’s third field season. I enjoy sharing my love of the polar regions through public outreach to K-12 students and senior ongoing learning programs, as well as through blogging. My current research focuses on surface meltwater drainage on the Antarctic ice sheet. My project goals are to understand how meltwater systems have evolved and will evolve, and how this will affect ice shelves. Using remote sensing techniques, I map and characterize how Antarctica’s surface meltwater systems will evolve as ice flows faster and global climate warms.

Lab: Polar Geophysics Group


B.Sc - University of Chicago