Colleen Baublitz

Colleen Baublitz

Research Interest


I am a Ph.D. candidate focused on variability in tropospheric oxidation toward a better understanding of air quality and human-driven climate change. More specifically, I use ground and aircraft observations as well as small (box) and large (global) scale chemistry models to learn more about shifts in the hydroxyl radical and tropospheric ozone. I anticipate defending my thesis in August of 2021 with the following chapters:

1) The influence of dry deposition on tropospheric ozone concentrations and chemistry in the summertime over the eastern USA (based on Baublitz et al., 2020 in GRL)

2) Assessing two potential proxies for the hydroxyl radical over the remote troposphere

3) Quantifying the sensitivity of ozone to methane oxidation over remote tropospheric regions

Research Advisor: Arlene Fiore


Master's of Engineering in Environmental Engineering Sciences from the University of Florida (2016)