Christine Chesley

Christine Chesley

Research Interest


Since being introduced to Earth science in high school (shout-out to Mr. Dunn!), I have been fascinated with plate tectonics and the processes associated with the interaction of lithospheric plates. As a marine electromagnetic geophysicist, I use electromagnetic data to model resistivity of the oceanic crust and mantle in various locations on Earth. Because these data are particularly sensitive to fluid and melt phases within more resistive rock, the models allow us to constrain important properties of the subsurface that relate to the potential for earthquakes and volcanic hazard. I’m currently using data collected off the Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand, to map electrical resistivity and porosity variations along the length of the margin in an effort to understand why the nature and frequency of fault slip vary from north to south. When not doing research, I enjoy tutoring middle and high schoolers and dancing like there's no tomorrow.

Research Lab: Electromagnetic Geophysics Lab


BS in Geology and Mathematics - University of Miami, 2014

MEd in High School Math Education - University of Notre Dame, 2016

MS in Geophysics - University of California at San Diego, 2017