Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez

Research Interest


Carlos Martinez currently works at the Ocean Physics Climate Division at LDEO and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society with research focusing on Atmospheric Dynamics and Climate Variability in the Caribbean.

Recent Published Works:

Seasonal Climatology and Dynamical Impacts of Rainfall in the Caribbean

Interannual Variability of the Early and Late-Rainy Seasons in the Caribbean

He enjoys research that have societal implications on communities susceptible to climate change and weather risks. He currently is a member of the Climate Variability and Change Committee at the American Meteorological Society (AMS). He is also an advocate for greater dialogue between faith and science communities and is currently spearheading a Faith Committee for AMS.

Research Advisors: Lisa Goddard; Yochanan Kushnir; Mingfang Ting; Ángel Muñoz



B.S. Meteorology, Texas A&M; M.S. Earth and Environmental Sciences; M.Phil.Earth and Environmental Sciences