Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez

Research Interest


Carlos is currently at Columbia University in my 5th year of PhD candidacy in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society. He is currently working on better understanding and predicting the Caribbean rainfall cycle, which the Caribbean highly relies on for its socioeconomic stability. His professional goals are to advance the understanding of the Earth-Climate System through action-based research which tangibly addresses the needs of local/remote communities that are susceptible to weather risks and climate change.

Outside of research, Carlos is involved with providing a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Space for professionals in the Geosciences. Carlos is the Chair of the Interfaith Committee at the American Meteorological Society, which seeks to foster a space for members across all spiritualities and religious backgrounds, including non-western and indigenous communities, in order to share ideas, network, and address common goals on environmental issues. He is with the Board of Representation, Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity (BRAID) at the AMS which addresses the needs of members who are underrepresented. He is formerly a NCAR SOARS Protege and NOAA Hollings Scholar, and is always happy to help prospective students interested in the PhD program or their professional goals.

Research Advisors: Lisa Goddard; Yochanan Kushnir; Mingfang Ting, and the ACToday Project. 



BSc. Meteorology, Texas A&M University, 2016 

MA Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University, 2018

MPhil. Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University, 2020