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The department of Earth & Environmental Sciences offers over 50 undergraduate and graduate courses through Columbia College, the School of General Studies, and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. In addition, there are many courses offered through other departments and schools of the university that may be of interest to students enrolled in Earth & Environmental Sciences.

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Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Courses - Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS)

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Department Courses with Online Content

The following courses have web sites maintained separately from the University CourseWorks system.  Where noted, these websites are no longer updated but are maintained online for public accessibility only.

V1001 Dinosaurs and the History of Life (no longer updated)

V1003 Science and Society

V1010 Geological Excursion to Death Valley, California

V1201 Environmental Risks and Disasters

V1900 Geological Excursion to the Eastern Sierra, California

V2100x The Climate System (no longer updated)

V2200x The Solid Earth System (no longer updated)

V2300x The Life System (no longer updated)

BC3800x-BC3801y Senior Research Seminar

W3901y Environmental Science Senior Seminar

W4050 Global Assessment and Monitoring Using Remote Sensing

W4051 Advanced Applications of Remote Sensing and Image Processing

W4223 Sedimentary Geology

W4300 Earth's Deep Interior

W4835 Wetlands and Climate Change

W4937 Cenozoic Paleoceanography

W4941 Principles of Geophysics

W4947 Plate Tectonics

G6943, Myths & Methods in Modeling, is no longer offered as it has been superceded by a sequence of courses in Applied Math: E4300, E4301 and E4302

E3101 Applied Math I

E4300 Numerical Methods