Fall 2012 Graduate Student Research Awards Announced

As a proper start to the new year, the department is happy to announce the winners of the Fall 2012 Graduate Student Research Awards. After reviewing all submissions, the selection commitee found three outstanding proposals. Our awardees are: Angelica Patterson, John Templeton, and Marc VanKeueren!

The Department established a small fund in early 2012 to encourage Ph.D. students to develop innovative research projects that expand upon their dissertation research, awarding up to $5000 per project. To recognize our eminent faculty members, we've named these awards after recently-retired faculty members in the relevant divisions.

The awardees for Fall 2012:

James D. Hays Award for $2K to: Angelica Patterson, "Temperature Tolerance of the Physiological Processes Controlling Carbon Gain in Northeastern Forests"

Paul Richards award for $4K to: John Templeton for "Low-temperature thermochronology: Post-Devonian vertical fault movements and constrain erosional and tectonic unroofing in the Nordfjord area, Norway"

Paul Richards award for $4K to Marc VanKueren, "Testing Applications of Tephrochronology by the Ar Isotope System"

Congratulations to our awardees!