Lynn R. Sykes

Higgins Professor Emeritus
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Seismology Geology and Tectonophysics
202D Seismology
61 Route 9W - PO Box 1000
(845) 365-8880
(845) 365-8150
Field of Interest:  Earthquake Studies, Control of Nuclear Weapons, Tectonics, Natural Hazards.

Please view my personal web site for more information about my publications list, research interests and background. On that site you will also find links to long and short vitas of me, the Pacheco-Sykes catalog of large global earthquakes, and electronic scans of many newspaper features of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. More content will be added soon.

List of Degrees from highest to lowest
Columbia  1964
Master of Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology  1960
Bachelor of Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology  1960