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All department faculty and affiliated researchers are available as potential graduate advisors.

Assistant Professor

Global ocean circulation and its role in climate; ocean turbulence and mesoscale eddies; mixing and transport processes.

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Adjunct Professor

Chemical oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, paleoclimatology.

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Assistant Professor

Solid Earth deformation and the paleoclimate record, past sea level change, glacial isostatic adjustment, mantle...


Climate and ENSO forecasting, outreach, and training.

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Adjunct Associate Professor

Using field surveys, hyperspectral remote sensing and bioacoustics to better understand the multi-trophic level consequences of climate change, invasive species and urbanization.

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Newberry Professor

Using isotopes to better understand the role of the oceans in climate change.

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Adjunct Professor

Development of theoretical models for processes that affect the solid earth.

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G. Unger Vetlesen Professor Emeritus of Earth & Climate Sciences

Tropical oceanography, climate modeling, paleoclimate, impacts of climate on society, El Niño forecasting, data analysis methods.

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Sedimentary geology and tectonics.

(845) 365-8180

Public health, populations, infectious diseases, mathematical models, demography, ecology, epidemiology, population genetics.

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Using stable isotopic and trace metal (Mg/Ca) analyses of marine sediment to reconstruct past changes in ocean circulation and terrestrial climate.

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(845) 365-8167

Microbial oceanography; environmental genomics; microbial biogeochemistry, phytoplankton physiological ecology; phosphorus cycling; ocean acidification; climate; eutrophication; harmful algal...

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Adjunct Professor

Extraterrestrial rocks and cosmochemistry; thermodynamic modeling of the equilibrium distribution of elements between gas, liquid, and solid mineral phases at high temperatures.


Earth systems.

(845) 365-8550

Global earthquake seismology, including detailed study of individual earthquake ruptures, and the relationship between seismicity and large scale tectonic deformation of the crust and mantle over...

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Interactions among regional air pollution, global atmospheric chemistry, climate, and the biosphere; chemistry-climate and tropospheric chemistry-transport modeling.

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Adjunct Professor

Vertebrate paleontology, systematics and biogeography, relationships between environmental and faunal changes through time, paleomagnetism.

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Adjunct Professor

Earthquake seismology; geodynamics.

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Adjunct Associate Professor

Climate change in the semi-arid tropics, climatic and human determinants of environmental change, impacts/vulnerability/adaptation.

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Adjunct Professor

Climate prediction, near term climate change, ENSO.

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Higgins Professor

Isotope geology.

(845) 365-8787

Ocean stratification, circulation and mixing and the ocean's role in Earth's climate system.

(845) 365-8325

Plant respiration, global carbon cycle, forest ecology.

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Professor Emeritus

Climate change history; evolutionary history of microfossils.

(845) 365-8403

Geochronology, sedimentary geochemistry, paleoclimate, continental crust evolution.

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Associate Professor

Paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, biology.

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Adjunct Associate Professor

Plankton ecology; phytoplankton growth and physiology; zooplankton grazing; harmful algae; dinoflagellate blooms; physical/biological interactions; nutrient/microbial pollution of coastal waters;...

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Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor


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Assistant Professor

For details of my research interests visit jkingslake.

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Associate Professor
(845) 365-8604
Adjunct Professor

Seismology; focusing on upper mantle structures.

(845) 365-8348
Adjunct Professor

Gas hydrates and methanogenesis in continental margin sediments; quantitative stratigraphy and the geological time scale; geophysical inversion methods.

(845) 365-8577
Adjunct Professor

Oceans and their role in climate; onset and termination of ice ages.

(845) 365-8830

Professor McKinley studies the mechanisms of the carbon cycle in the global oceans and Great Lakes, with her research lying at the intersection of physical and chemical oceanography. Her primary...

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(845) 365-8722

Seismology, volcanology, data analysis, inverse theory.

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Adjunct Professor

Atmospheric and climate dynamics.

(212) 678-5577

Mid-ocean ridge and rift tectonics.

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Associate Professor

Glacial earthquakes.

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Adjunct Professor

Description and relationships of coelurosaurs; Asian Mesozoic fauna; theoretical methods for better understanding phylogenetic relationships and pattern in the fossil record.

(212) 769-5804
Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor

Paleontology, stratigraphy; evolution of continental ecosystems (climate change, mass extinctions), astrochronology, chaos in the solar system.

(845) 365-8491

Climate change and glacier retreat, with an emphasis on water, natural hazards and the loss of iconic landscapes.

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Adjunct Professor

Paleoclimate, paleoecology, climate modeling, wetland carbon storage, palynology.

(845) 365-8420

Role of sea ice in the redistribution of sediments and pollutants in the Arctic.

(845) 365-8475
Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor

Geochemistry, igneous petrology.

(845) 365-8410

Atmospheric and climate dynamics; geophysical fluid dynamics; numerical methods for weather and climate modeling; planetary atmospheres.

(845) 365-8347
Executive Vice President for Research

Michael Purdy assumed the role of Executive Vice President for Research on February 1, 2011.

(212) 854-1656
Adjunct Professor

Paleoclimatology, marine geology; history and causes of climate change in the Earth's past.

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Professor Emeritus

Theory of seismic wave propagation; physics of earthquakes; Earth's inner core; improvements in estimating earthquake locations; monitoring underground nuclear explosions, nuclear arms control....

(845) 365-8389
Adjunct Professor

Regional climate variability, predictability and change; probabilistic daily rainfall modeling; predictability of weather-within-climate; climate downscaling methodologies; climate risk management...

(845) 680-4491
Adjunct Professor

Application of isotope physics on environmental processes; Mass spectrometry; Dynamics of earth surface processes and their interaction with climate; Paleoclimate.

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Professor Emeritus

Aqueous geochemistry, physical oceanography, climate, contaminant transport.

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Adjunct Professor

Marine geophysics; remote sensing; population and environment.


Atmospheric and climate dynamics, tropical meteorology.

(845) 365-8527
William B. Ransford Professor of Earth and Planetary Science

Geophysics, planetary science

(845) 365-8714
Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor

Dynamic fluid flow, from magma migration theory to sedimentary basins and groundwater hydrology.

(845) 704-2323

Isotope hydrology, water resources, paleoclimate.

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Higgins Professor Emeritus

Earthquake studies, control of nuclear weapons, tectonics, natural hazards.

(845) 365-8880
Adjunct Professor

CO2 cycling through oceans and atmosphere; industrial CO2 accumulation.

(845) 365-8537
Adjunct Professor

Atmospheric impacts of global climate change at regional scales; dynamics of naturally occuring and anthropogenically-forced climate changes, droughts and floods; regional climate modeling.

(845) 365-8374

Marine geophysics

(845) 365-8791
Adjunct Professor

Earthquake seismology, seismotectonics of active plate boundaries, real-time seismology.

(845) 365-8538
Higgins Professor Emeritus

Examination of the chemical and physical evolution of the terrestrial planets by the methods of experimental petrology; development of new experimental techniques and new materials.

(845) 365-8658
Adjunct Professor

Marine seismology, ocean mantle dynamics, marine electromagnetism.

(845) 365-8439
Associate Professor

Marine geochemistry, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, tracer oceanography, dust, paleoclimate.

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