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All department faculty and affiliated researchers are available as potential graduate advisors.

Assistant Professor

Global ocean circulation and its role in climate; ocean turbulence and mesoscale eddies; mixing and transport processes.

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Adjunct Professor

Chemical oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, paleoclimatology.

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Climate and ENSO forecasting, outreach, and training.

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Adjunct Associate Professor

Using field surveys, hyperspectral remote sensing and bioacoustics to better understand the multi-trophic level consequences of climate change, invasive species and urbanization.

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Newberry Professor

Using isotopes to better understand the role of the oceans in climate change.

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Adjunct Professor

Development of theoretical models for processes that affect the solid earth.

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G. Unger Vetlesen Professor Emeritus of Earth & Climate Sciences

Tropical oceanography, climate modeling, paleoclimate, impacts of climate on society, El Niño forecasting, data analysis methods.

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Sedimentary geology and tectonics.

(845) 365-8180

Public health, populations, infectious diseases, mathematical models, demography, ecology, epidemiology, population genetics.

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Using stable isotopic and trace metal (Mg/Ca) analyses of marine sediment to reconstruct past changes in ocean circulation and terrestrial climate.

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(845) 365-8167

Microbial oceanography; environmental genomics; microbial biogeochemistry, phytoplankton physiological ecology; phosphorus cycling; ocean acidification; climate; eutrophication; harmful algal...

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Adjunct Professor

Extraterrestrial rocks and cosmochemistry; thermodynamic modeling of the equilibrium distribution of elements between gas, liquid, and solid mineral phases at high temperatures.


Earth systems.

(845) 365-8550

Global earthquake seismology, including detailed study of individual earthquake ruptures, and the relationship between seismicity and large scale tectonic deformation of the crust and mantle over...

(845) 365-8427

Interactions among regional air pollution, global atmospheric chemistry, climate, and the biosphere; chemistry-climate and tropospheric chemistry-transport modeling.

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Adjunct Professor

Vertebrate paleontology, systematics and biogeography, relationships between environmental and faunal changes through time, paleomagnetism.

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Adjunct Professor

Earthquake seismology; geodynamics.

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Adjunct Associate Professor

Climate change in the semi-arid tropics, climatic and human determinants of environmental change, impacts/vulnerability/adaptation.

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Adjunct Associate Professor

Climate prediction, near term climate change, ENSO.

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Higgins Professor

Isotope geology.

(845) 365-8787

Ocean stratification, circulation and mixing and the ocean's role in Earth's climate system.

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Plant respiration, global carbon cycle, forest ecology.

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Professor Emeritus

Climate change history; evolutionary history of microfossils.

(845) 365-8403

Geochronology, sedimentary geochemistry, paleoclimate, continental crust evolution.

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Associate Professor

Paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, biology.

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Adjunct Associate Professor

Plankton ecology; phytoplankton growth and physiology; zooplankton grazing; harmful algae; dinoflagellate blooms; physical/biological interactions; nutrient/microbial pollution of coastal waters;...

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Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor
Recently, I have added mineral carbonation and hydration in peridotite and mafic rocks to my research program. This is a reactive transport problem, very similar to the work I've done on...
(845) 365-8728
Assistant Professor

For details of my research interests visit jkingslake.

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Associate Professor
(845) 365-8604
Adjunct Professor

Seismology; focusing on upper mantle structures.

(845) 365-8348
Adjunct Professor

Gas hydrates and methanogenesis in continental margin sediments; quantitative stratigraphy and the geological time scale; geophysical inversion methods.

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Adjunct Professor

Oceans and their role in climate; onset and termination of ice ages.

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(845) 365-8722

Seismology, volcanology, data analysis, inverse theory.

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Adjunct Professor

Atmospheric and climate dynamics.

(212) 678-5577

Mid-ocean ridge and rift tectonics.

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Associate Professor

Glacial earthquakes.

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Adjunct Professor

Description and relationships of coelurosaurs; Asian Mesozoic fauna; theoretical methods for better understanding phylogenetic relationships and pattern in the fossil record.

(212) 769-5804
Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor

Paleontology, stratigraphy; evolution of continental ecosystems (climate change, mass extinctions), astrochronology, chaos in the solar system.

(845) 365-8491

Climate change and glacier retreat, with an emphasis on water, natural hazards and the loss of iconic landscapes.

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Adjunct Professor

Paleoclimate, paleoecology, climate modeling, wetland carbon storage, palynology.

(845) 365-8420

Role of sea ice in the redistribution of sediments and pollutants in the Arctic.

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Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor

Geochemistry, igneous petrology.

(845) 365-8410

Atmospheric and climate dynamics; geophysical fluid dynamics; numerical methods for weather and climate modeling; planetary atmospheres.

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Executive Vice President for Research

Michael Purdy assumed the role of Executive Vice President for Research on February 1, 2011.

(212) 854-1656
Adjunct Professor

Paleoclimatology, marine geology; history and causes of climate change in the Earth's past.

(845) 365-8801
Professor Emeritus

Theory of seismic wave propagation; physics of earthquakes; Earth's inner core; improvements in estimating earthquake locations; monitoring underground nuclear explosions, nuclear arms control....

(845) 365-8389
Adjunct Professor

Regional climate variability, predictability and change; probabilistic daily rainfall modeling; predictability of weather-within-climate; climate downscaling methodologies; climate risk management...

(845) 680-4491
Adjunct Associate Professor

Application of isotope physics on environmental processes; Mass spectrometry; Dynamics of earth surface processes and their interaction with climate; Paleoclimate.

(845) 365-8703

Aqueous geochemistry, physical oceanography, climate, contaminant transport.

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Adjunct Professor

Marine geophysics; remote sensing; population and environment.


Atmospheric and climate dynamics, tropical meteorology.

(845) 365-8527
William B. Ransford Professor of Earth and Planetary Science

Geophysics, planetary science

(845) 365-8714
Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor

Dynamic fluid flow, from magma migration theory to sedimentary basins and groundwater hydrology.

(845) 704-2323

Isotope hydrology, water resources, paleoclimate.

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Higgins Professor Emeritus

Earthquake studies, control of nuclear weapons, tectonics, natural hazards.

(845) 365-8880
Adjunct Professor

CO2 cycling through oceans and atmosphere; industrial CO2 accumulation.

(845) 365-8537
Adjunct Professor

Atmospheric impacts of global climate change at regional scales; dynamics of naturally occuring and anthropogenically-forced climate changes, droughts and floods; regional climate modeling.

(845) 365-8374

Marine geophysics

(845) 365-8791
Adjunct Professor

Earthquake seismology, seismotectonics of active plate boundaries, real-time seismology.

(845) 365-8538
Higgins Professor Emeritus

Examination of the chemical and physical evolution of the terrestrial planets by the methods of experimental petrology; development of new experimental techniques and new materials.

(845) 365-8658
Adjunct Professor

Marine seismology, ocean mantle dynamics, marine electromagnetism.

(845) 365-8439
Adjunct Associate Professor

Marine geochemistry, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, tracer oceanography, dust, paleoclimate.

(845) 365-8756