Term Paper Meeting

The purpose of this lecture is to provide you with last minute help on your term papers. We will be answering questions on your term papers, which are due the folowing week. We will help guide you to needed references you might not already have come up with as well as formatting suggestions.

Its your last chance to get some guidence on your term paper before it is due.

Please note that handing in your first draft on time (end of class, Monday, 4/01/02) is not optional, it is manditory and each day it is late will cost 2.5/100 points off the final grade of the paper. However, if you are satified with your grade of the first draft, you do not have to hand in a revision.


About your term paper: Instruction on writing your term paper.

Term Paper Topics: A list of suggested topics (but not the only ones).

Library Information specifically on dinosaurs: Information that will be useful to you for your the term paper

Library Web: The main source for literature information for your term paper.